We are a division of the City of Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit system - citizen advisory councils that make recommendations on zoning, land use, and other planning issues. ADNA focuses on improving the quality of life of residents, visitors and business in Downtown Atlanta.


Mission and Goals

Our mission is to represent and serve the residents of Downtown Atlanta. See the five pillars of our mission statement listed below.


Outreach to the community to showcase the unique and historic architecture of the neighborhood; (i.e. loft tour, scavenger hunt, walking tours, etc)


Outreach to the community to enhance safety awareness; (monthly meetings, weekly eblasts, building relationships with APD, City Council, GSU)


Outreach to the community to improve qualify of life for the neighborhood's residents and businesses; (license review, monthly meetings, and just about every battle we take on)


Outreach to reduce the environmental impacts on the community through tree plantings, neighborhood clean-ups, recycling, and other long-term efforts; (monthly clean-ups, trashcan purchases, etc)


Outreach to publicize and promote educational opportunities for residents in the community. (need to work on, but there used to be the 1st Thursdays gallery walks.  We have a growing relationship with GSU; we need to partner with Centennial Elementary for projects; and to a lesser extent we promote the Aquarium, World of Coke, VSA, and other places with our happy hours and holiday parties)






What do I have to do to be a member of ADNA?


What does ADNA vote on?


What occurs at ADNA meetings?


What do I gain from my ADNA membership?


Membership is simple, all you have to do is attend our general meetings. They are always held on the second Tuesday of the month at a convenient downtown location. After your third meeting, you are eligible to vote on the issues that come before the general body of the ADNA. There are no membership dues or fees to join.


We vote on primarily neighborhood use issues – from groups wanting to use our streets and parks for events and businesses who want beer, wine and liquor licenses granted.


We typically have guests that can inform us about important community issues. For example, there is often an officer from Atlanta Police Department to give us updates on police activity in the neighborhood. We have several legislative updates from our state representatives and city council members. Additionally, we host several events during the year that enlist member participation and support our goal of improving the quality of life.


Membership gives you a unique voice in what happens to our neighborhood. It also gives you unique access to the resources that serve our community. This includes access to city council, state legislators, police, non-profits, organizations like Central Atlanta Progress. In addition to the monthly general body meeting, we host a monthly happy hour. Check out the website for details at This gives our members the opportunity to socialize and connect with one another.










The Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association started up around the time of the 1996 Olympics, when a critical mass of people first began to live into the area, settling into buildings like the William-Oliver, Muse’s, and Metropolitan. At first meetings were just informal gatherings on Saturday mornings over coffee. After a couple of years, the neighborhood’s “Fairlie Godmother” Cooper Holland stepped up and became ADNA’s first president.Monthly meetings started up and as a new organization, we were lucky to find a lot of support coming in from Atlanta City Hall as well as location businesses and organizations willing to host our meetings or help up put on events like a Town Hall Meeting


Beginning in 2000, new president Erich Starrett and Vice President Wendy Darling started to push ADNA to greater and greater prominence, coordinating bigger and better monthly meetings, sending out news to the neighborhood, acting on local issues, and putting the group on track to become a real 501c3 non-profit.


The great turning point for ADNA came in spring 2002, when ADNA members stepped up to organize the first-ever Downtown Neighborhood Festival, which drew on the enthusiasm and skill of Downtowners and also contributed to ADNA’s first ever fundraiser. As a 501c3, we were able to set up bank accounts and thus have our own funds.


In 2009, we sponsored our first scavenger hunt challenging people around the city to learn more about our neighborhood.


In 2018, ADNA revived the loft tour portion of the neighborhood festival.




Susan Roe | President

Susan, a theatre enthusiast, fearlessly leads ADNA in all things.


RObyn Jackson | Vice PResident

I am the VP of Programs for the ADNA. I can honestly say I've been living Downtown all my life! My first condo (Peachtree Towers) is 2 blocks away from the hospital where I was born (Crawford-Long). Yes, I'm one of those rare Atlanta natives. Ask me anything about Oakland Cemetery! I've been a tour guide there going on 8 years. I will yell (often with obscenities) at anyone that tries to run me over in a crosswalk - I have also been known to throw my coffee on a windshield (or two) and an umbrella makes a very loud noise against a MARTA bus when you hit it hard enough.  Don't try me...



Deirdre moved to the Centennial Park District with her husband Ken in the spring of 2016. She knows Atlanta like the back of her hand since moving here in 1989 working and living throughout Atlanta and its suburbs. Today, Deirdre is a dedicated Realtor with Red Door Realty Atlanta and serves as the ADNA board’s social director, bringing residents and businesses together! Deirdre encourages everyone to join ADNA for monthly meetings every second Tuesday and/or first Friday happy hour socials, and reminds that ADNA gatherings are always somewhere new so check often for updates!


Kelly Parry | Secretary

Kelly loves living Downtown and serving as the ADNA board secretary!


Deb Day | Communications, Public Safety, TREASURER

I look forward to working with a great team to make Downtown a vibrant place, and letting everyone know what's going on.  I can't walk in a straight a consequence neither can my daughter or my dog. I have absolutely no sense of direction, yet Steve will follow me every time, then complain when we get lost. Like Diane Keaton, I drink my red wine in a tall glass with ice. I help people to navigate downtown....even if they don't ask


Pam revie-pettersen

Ask Pam about her work with the City of Atlanta/Fulton County PreArrest Diversion Initiative!