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The Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association is the ideal organization to learn more about the life and times of Downtown Atlanta.

Get Involved with ADNA

Monthly Meeting

Monthly meetings are a chance to meet your neighbors, hear the latest news, and get involved! In addition to general discussion about neighborhood issues, ADNA meetings include presentations from local cultural groups and organizations, City Hall representatives, police, and more. ADNA meetings are open to the public so we also invite anyone interested in downtown to attend.

Downtown Clean Up

Help keep Downtown looking beautiful by joining us for our monthly clean ups. The more people who participate, the greater the impact we will have! All supplies (trash bags, gloves, scrapers, etc.) are provided.

Downtown Socialite

Each month ADNA supports one of the great local businesses Downtown has to offer. The Downtown Dwellers Happy Hour is a great way to meet your neighbors and enjoy the downtown scene.

Annual Scavenger Hunt

Explore Downtown like never before. Each year ADNA host the Atlanta Downtown Scavenger Hunt. Pick a partner and go for the prize!

Special Guests

Stay informed with what's going on in the Downtown Neighborhood. ADNA works to have special guest speak at our monthly meetings. Learn more about how Downtown is moving forward.

Downtown Vote

Your opinion matters. Help us shape the future of Downtown by providing your vote on future businesses and development in Downtown.

About Us

Where We Started | Where We're Heading


The Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association (ADNA) has been going since about the time of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and has steadily gained strength as more residents have come to Downtown. ADNA has been very active and in Spring 2000 the organization became an officially recognized organization within the City of Atlanta neighborhood planning unit (NPU) process. In May 2002 ADNA sponsored the first ever Downtown Neighborhood Festival.


In 2002, the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association, Inc. began the process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization. As part of the application process, ADNA submitted formalized association bylaws which is uses for its daily operations as well as organizational operations such as elections. Bylaws were ratified and went into effect as of the Jan. 14, 2003 meeting.

Current bylaws are available for review (PDF).


The area covered by the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association is, roughly speaking, the area of Downtown bounded in by the highways, minus a few areas already included by other organizations (Central Atlanta Neighbors, Centennial Place, Marietta Street Artery, etc.). One of our map-savvy residents, Caleb Racicot, has developed a map showing our boundaries and various residential addresses.

View map here.

Our Team

The Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association board is committed to creating an unparalleled neighborhood experience for Downtown residents.


Kipling "Kip" Dunlap is the current president of ADNA as of January 2016. A Georgia native, Kip received his BS in public policy from Georgia State University in 2014 and has resided Downtown since. Presently, Kip works at Midtown's Colony Square as an advocate for alternative transportation in practice and policy. He has lived without a personal car since 2011 and is the proud owner of two beautiful bicycles.


Otis is a Partner at Lieneur, Inc., an organization that utilizes connections that matter in the areas of business development, community engagement, fundraising and event management. His engaged in the community with several organizations and takes pride in working with ADNA.


Jeshua is a recent graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned a dual Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning and Civil Engineering. He currently works at the City of Atlanta in the Department of Public Works - Office of Transportation.

Amanda Babcock

Amanda is a Project Manager currently working for a local telecommunications company that operates nationwide. She moved to Atlanta May of 2014. Amanda found her home in the heart of beautiful, downtown Atlanta. She resides in the historic Fairlie-Poplar district.


Jessie is a graphic designer and digital marketer who currently works at Your Dekalb Farmers Market. She is a proud Atlanta native who returned home after graduating from the University of Alabama (roll tide!) and has lived downtown with her husband and two furbabies for the past three years.



Martin has been a real estate agent specializing in intown dwellings for 3 years. He is currently expanding into VR (virtual reality) content production for real estate and other purposes. Martin has volunteered for ADNA for almost 2 years as well as serving as president of his condominium’s board of directors since 2014.

Zelda Jackson

Zelda L. Jackson is a native of Charleston, SC. In 1987 Zelda made Atlanta home, and became a homeowner at Peachtree Towers Condominiums 1997. She holds a BA Political Science from Morris Brown College, Master in Cosmetology from Atlanta Technical College, and MBA from Belauh Heights University.

Latest News

Stay informed about news relevant to the Downtown area.

ADNA Recap – Underground Atlanta Vote

After the meeting, the Board met with its counsel to discuss the urgency of this matter and upon advice of counsel, called a special meeting in accordance with the notice requirements of its Bylaws. At the specially called meeting, the Board discussed the City’s concessions and the concerns of the community at length. While...

ADNA Update – Underground Atlanta

Kip Dunlap President Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 7, 2017 Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association Board Votes to Withdraw Support for Demand Letter Against City of Atlanta ATLANTA – Since 1996, the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association (“ADNA”) has worked to strengthen the downtown community for its residents, businesses, and visitors. ADNA’s...