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By Train

This is a Downtown-specific guide to MARTA. Note: For the official MARTA web site, please visit
Clean, safe, efficient rail service can take you from The Metropolitan to Decatur, Hartsfield International Airport, Lenox Square Mall, the Fox Theatre, the High Museum of Art, Inman Park and a host of neighborhoods and destinations throughout the city.
    Below is a short sample of places and destinations located either right next to or very close by MARTA train stations, along with the name of the station/s and station codes (see MARTA map on following page).

Place Station, Station Code
Candler Park Candler Park, E4
Crawford Long Hospital North Avenue, N3
Decatur Decatur, E6
Greyhound Bus Terminal Garnett, S1
Hartsfield International Airport Airport, S7
Inman Park Inman Park / Reynoldstown, E3
Lenox Square Mall Lenox, NE7
Perimeter Mall Dunwoody, N9
West End Mall West End, M6
Woodruff Arts Center /
High Museum
Arts Center, N5

In addition, there are quite a few places which may be reached by walking only a short distance, something which can be quite pleasant and will sometimes save time over waiting for a bus. (For a fun look at the options, see this link: What's Near MARTA Stations.)

Quick tip:
If you want to go to Phipps Plaza, take the train to Lenox, go to the mall, and take the free shuttle bus. It runs every 30 minutes and is a lot safer than walking or driving.

For a quick guide to what locations are where, see MARTA's web site:

Popular Destinations in Atlanta

Also check out this personal site:

What's Near MARTA Stations

MARTA rail map
MARTA Rail Map

MARTA turnstilesHow easy is it to ride the train? Very easy, especially when you leave from Five Points station. Just go to the station and pay the $1.75 one-way fare (using tokens, exact change or a TransCard) at the turnstile. If you will be transferring to a bus and are using tokens or change, be sure to press the transfer button on the turnstile; a little piece of paper will pop up and you will need to give it to the bus driver when you reach your bus. For more information on transfers, see Transfers below.

Token machineToken machines are located outside all station entrances and TransCards are available at MARTA RideStores (including the one at Five Points) as well as participating retailers like Kroger. For more information on fares, see MARTA Fares below.

Maps and InformationOnce you feed your token, change or card to the station turnstiles, follow the signs that point toward whatever direction you need to go in. There are maps posted in the station as well as on the trains themselves. Five Points also features a staffed information booth where you can ask for directions and obtain maps.

If you are in another rail station and need directions or are having a problem with the turnstiles, either locate a uniformed MARTA employee Schedule Information phone or use the white MARTA assistance phone to connect to a customer service. You can also call MARTA Customer Information at (404) 848-4711, 6 a.m. - 10 p.m., Mon.-Fri., 8-a.m.-4 p.m. weekends and holidays.

MARTA's rail system operates 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Friday and from 6 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. weekends and holidays.

Bikes are allowed on MARTA trains. All MARTA stations and trains are fully wheelchair accessible.

For more information on riding MARTA, call Customer Information (see above) or visit the MARTA web site at:

How To Ride MARTA

To the Airport By Train

One of the best features of MARTA rail is the quick and easy connection it offers to Hartsfield International Airport. Utilizing Five Points station, it's quite simple to leave The Metropolitan and arrive at your gate within 30 minutes. Just take the train down to the last station on the south line and head for check-in or, if you can, right to your gate (via the airport's own train line, which looks just like MARTA) and that's it.

The best reason to take MARTA to the airport is probably one you'll realize on the way back from your trip - it's right there. You don't have to find your car, pay a parking fee, endure traffic or deal with any of the other hassles. All you do is get off the plane, pick up your luggage (if you have any checked), and get on the train. If you don't have a TransCard you'll have to pay the $1.75 ride.

Combining Rail & Bus

By combining rail with buses, it's possible to go ever farther on MARTA - everywhere from the DeKalb Farmer's Market to Buckhead.

Listing out all the most useful buses in the city would take a long time, so here are two examples:

  • 120 - Stone Mountain
    Leaving from the Avondale MARTA station, this bus is a fast way to reach the DeKalb Farmer's Market. Not only does it only take a couple of minutes to reach it, but when you've finished your shopping there's a nice bus stop right out in front where you can wait. You can also take this bus all the way out to Stone Mountain Village.

  • 23 - Lenox / Arts Center
    This bus has the highest ridership in the entire MARTA system and it's easy to see why - it goes to so many popular destinations and it runs all the time! You can catch this bus at Arts Center station, Buckhead station, and Lenox station as well as anywhere there's a bus stop on Peachtree Street from Midtown all the way up to Lenox Square Mall. A short list of destinations: Brookwood Amtrak Station, Piedmont Hospital, Buckhead Village, the Peach shopping Center (Publix and Barnes & Noble) - and that's on top of hundreds of restaurants, shops, office complexes, ritzy residential neighborhoods, bars, and other businesses.

For additional route and schedule information call MARTA at (404) 848-4711. A complete list of buses along with PDFs of all bus routes is available on MARTA's web site at:

MARTA Bus Schedules

For a quick guide to what locations are where, see MARTA's web site:

Popular Destinations in Atlanta
General MARTA Overview
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