Minutes from General Meeting – February 12, 2013

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Many thanks to the Courtyard by Marriott Atlanta Downtown for hosting our meeting. Special thanks for General Manager Scot Gladstone for his hospitality and generosity.
– Bistro Style restaurant being launched this week

Elected Officials Update:

Kwanza Hall’s office:
– working on Bond/Hall legislation – neighborhood notifications with NPU-M

Michael Bonds’ office:
– ordinances dealing with solicitation
– public property pending issue (mayor is supposed to come back with proposal – pushed out 60 days)
– write/call City Council, Chief Turner and Mayor with your thoughts on vending issue and any other issues
– provided dispositions of panhandling law/court appearances for December – will provide residing Judge on future data

H Lamar Willis’ office:
– developing DTAG committee – projects downtown – master/actionable plan

Police Update:

Sgt Green:
– Underground footprint expanded to Memorial, Decatur, Forsyth and Washington Aves
– promoted “See Something, Say Something” program
– always call 911 first, then call 404-648-6364 to report incidents
– info coming on Fox Market, 80 Peachtree
– email address provided: rquintana@atlantaga.gov

Dancy/Charles from Community Liason Unit
– covers all neighborhoods – wherever crime is
– backup for officers from 911
– QOL issues
– contact info: 404-546-5650, atlantacops@atlantaga.gov
– provide full description (start at shoes)

Upcoming Events:

Stephanie Kindrington/Final Four:
– http://www.ncaa.com/final-four#!event_news for updates/events
Neighborhood participation:
– Bracket Town – Congress Center
– 3 on 3 Tournament
– Reeses Final Four Friday
– Big Dance Concert Series at COP
– Road to Final Four 5K
– Div 2 and Div 3 championships at Phillips Arena

Volunteer info: http://www.volunteerfinalfouratl.com/

Other events in COP:
– May – Party in the Park
– June – Farmers’ Market in the Park (look for announcement next month)
Follow Centennial Park on Twitter or Facebook

– Opportunity for DAMN nights – stay tuned

Big Dance Block Party:
– April 5 – 8 (same time as Final Four) – in parking lot by Ted’s Montana Grill – contained environment
– Food truck village, entertainment stage, outdoor tavern
Motion to Support – Dorthey Hurst
Seconded – Deb Day

Publix Marathon:
– March 17th at COP – http://www.georgiamarathon.com/
– ADNA will have a cheering section

Next Happy Hour:
– Friday, March 8 – Thrive restaurant

Earth Day:
– April 20, 2013

Castleberry HIll Cleanup:
– Mid March

Healey/Kessler 100th Anniversary Party:
– March 23, 2013
– details on Kessler City Lofts facebook page and Healey facebook page

Phoenix Flies:
– 2 weeks of events/tours – Atlanta Preservation Center
– Oakland Cemetary – Free tours


Anti-Prostitution Support Legislation:
– amends current legislation giving police ability to find areas of prostitution. If caught in these areas
1. banished from area
2. fined more and longer banishment
3. escalates to banned from citry
– asking for support from downtown – write council asking them to vote to support SOAP legislation

Downtown Development Tech Advisory Group (DTAG):
– start date early March
– 6-12 mo group – 1 meeting per month
Bill Mosely nominated Kristen Halloran to represent ADNA
Deb Day seconded

Operation Best Foot Forward:
– CAP working with various agencies on improvement of the area from Marietta going south

ADNA/Committee Updates:

– Susan Roe would like to have postings of units for sale/rent on ADNA website – send information to http://www.atlantadna.org/contact-us/

ADNA Board Retreat – ideas discussed:
– meeting agenda for year will be on website
– events will be on website

Public Safety:
– allow process to work itself out on Fox Market
– big focus on SOMA

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