June 6, 2016

ADNA Boundaries

Area Covered by ADNA

Last updated January 2008

This map, created by Downtown resident Caleb Racicot, shows the official boundaries fo the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association (ADNA) as established by its bylaws.

The map also shows the official City of Atlanta and Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) M definition of Downtown, which is slightly larger than the ADNA area. Zoning and permit applications within this larger area may be reviewed by both ADNA and Central Atlanta Neighbors (CAN), as established by the City of Atlanta or NPU M.

The area is, roughly speaking, bounded by highways to the south and east, by North Avenue to the north, and Northside Drive / the railroad to the west. Neighboring areas are covered by other organizations (Central Atlanta Neighbors, Centennial Place, Marietta Street Artery, etc.).

Also, you can click here to download the full-size version (800 K).