May 14, 2016

About Us

The Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association (ADNA) has been going since about the time of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and has steadily gained strength as more residents have come to Downtown. ADNA has been very active and in Spring 2000 the organization became an officially recognized organization within the City of Atlanta neighborhood planning unit (NPU) process. In May 2002 ADNA sponsored the first ever Downtown Neighborhood Festival.

2018 Board of Directors

  • President: Stephen Krauska
  • Vice President of Programs: Susan Roe
  • Vice President of Communications: Kelly Perry
  • Vice President of Community Affairs: Zelda Jackson
  • Secretary: Robyn Jackson
  • Director at Large: Jarvis Carter
  • Committees Liaisons
    • Public Safety: Deb Day
    • Public Policy: Zelda Jackson
    • Special Events: Jarvis Carter

Most of ADNA’s operations are coordinated through the elected board members.


In 2002, the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association, Inc. began the process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization. As part of the application process, ADNA submitted formalized association bylaws which it uses for its daily operations as well as organizational operations such as elections. Bylaws were ratified and went into effect as of the January 14, 2003 meeting.

Current bylaws are available for review (PDF).