ADNA Recap – Underground Atlanta Vote

After the meeting, the Board met with its counsel to discuss the urgency of this matter and upon advice of counsel, called a special meeting in accordance with the notice requirements of its Bylaws. At the specially called meeting, the Board discussed the City’s concessions and the concerns of the community at length. While the Board opposes the lack of transparency in the process to date, the deadlines, threats of litigation by the City, and ongoing costs of retaining legal counsel demanded an immediate response. After almost an hour of intense debate, a vote was called, and the Board voted 5 to 4 to withdraw the Demand Letter and to continue its negotiations with the City. As a result of this vote the Board and ADNA ensured that the concessions made by the City would be upheld in a meaningful and enforceable manner.

The votes to withdraw the Demand Letter are as follows:

Votes in Favor of Withdrawing the Demand Letter (5)

  • Kip Dunlap
  • Jeshua Pringle
  • Jessie Dixon
  • Martin DiGeronimo
  • Jarvis Carter

Votes Against Withdrawing the Demand Letter (4)

  • Daniel Lentz
  • Amanda Babcock
  • Zelda Jackson
  • Stephen Krauska


  • Otis Threat