ATTENTION: New Parking Management Agency

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Info, with added links, from our friends at Central Atlanta Progress, giving the scoop on new City of Atlanta parking enforcement, which will have a big impact in Downtown.

The City of Atlanta has a New Parking Management Agency – PARK Atlanta

The City of Atlanta has taken an innovative approach to improve services related to public parking. Legislation has been adopted that will allow for a new parking management program to be implemented. This new program will improve traffic flow in the city and maximize the utilization of parking spaces for the public, residents, business owners, tourists and employees.


Effective November 1, 2009, the management and operation of the City’s on-street parking program will be outsourced to Professional Account Management, LLC, a Duncan Solutions company, doing business as ParkAtlanta. The new program will include and the enforcement of parking-related regulations on behalf of the City.

The contract covers a seven year term. It includes provision for maintenance of parking meters and regulatory signage; parking meter collections; on-street parking and right-ofway regulation enforcement; parking citation processing and delinquent collection services; and vehicle booting and towing services. All services will be performed in accordance with City regulations and guidelines.

“As we were exploring different alternatives to control costs and improve services to Atlanta’s residents and visitors, we quickly identified on-street parking as an area where outside investment and industry expertise could be extremely beneficial,” stated Atlanta Department of Public Works Commissioner Joseph Basista.” Through extensive analysis and planning, we believe we have identified a partner and a contracting model that will greatly enhance Atlanta’s ability to provide quality, cost-effective parking services and enhanced technology for motorists and taxpayers.”

The contract, which was based on an open, transparent and competitive process, calls for the City to receive an annual guarantee of $5.5 million with no net cost to the City, a huge increase over the $2.1 million Atlanta collected from parking tickets in each of the last two years. The extra income will result in part from nearly tripling the current number of single and multi-space metered parking spaces, from 900 to 2,500. ParkAtlanta will focus on reducing a backlog of more than 150,000 outstanding parking tickets responsible for about $7 million in uncollected fines.

Under the contract, ParkAtlanta will install more than 200 multi-space parking meter pay stations that will accept various forms of payment, including coins, bills, and credit cards. Other improvements to be introduced by ParkAtlanta will include enhanced customer service options for motorists who receive parking tickets to pay fines securely and easily online or by calling a toll-free phone number.

“This contract will introduce a wide range of technologies and services to Atlanta that will make it the most modern, service-oriented parking program in the country,” said Duncan Solutions’ President and CEO Michael Nickolaus. “We are truly honored to partner with such a visionary client as the City of Atlanta and with such a strong team of local partners and subcontractors. As cities increasingly seek to unlock the value of their onstreet parking programs, Atlanta is leading the way with this innovative partnership.”

The ParkAtlanta team includes several local subcontracting partners which will provide specialized services in the areas of regulation enforcement, towing, booting, and customer service. These partners include the Parking Company of America (PCA), A Tow, Dover Staffing, and Red Bridge Consulting.

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  1. Comment by Barking At Stupid — November 7, 2009 @ 11:39 am

    Hurray! This is wonderful news! The City in its infinite wisdom has shirked responsibility for serving the taxpayers and sold it to a private concern. Let me see if I get this right. The private company will write parking violations and keep the money. The private company will install meters all over Atlanta and keep the money. If you don’t pay or are late getting back to the meter they get to write you a ticket for 50x the value of the meter payment so you have to pay them either way. Sounds like a great deal for the company and absolutely no conflict of interest whatsoever (note the sarcasm).

  2. Comment by Niko Petrapopolis — November 20, 2009 @ 2:49 pm

    For God’s sake, please get some parking enforcement on Peters Street in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood. The place is overrun with cars parking on yellow curbs, in no parking zones, in crosswalks, on sidewalks and blocking driveways and garages; in the evenings when Slice, M-bar, and 255 are in full swing, there are almost always cars double-parked on Peters Street (it’s a state highway folks). You can thank Shirley Franklin for this – she granted a liquor license to a business (255) even though the neighborhood made it clear it wasn’t wanted and there was no parking for it!

  3. Comment by adnanews — February 23, 2010 @ 5:58 pm

    “Barking”, no, the private company (Park Atlanta) does NOT keep *all* the money. They get a cut of the revenue and the city is guaranteed a certain number of millions of dollars according to their contract.

    Niko, you can report any parking violations to the private company, Park Atlanta, via their website

    — Jeff Lam, president

  4. Comment by Ryan — April 29, 2010 @ 10:19 am

    No the city gets 5.5 million that is it. There is no revenue sharing in the contract at all. Our Solicitor’s Office has to respond if you fight a ticket. The more tickets ParkAtlanta writes the more they make. Conversely the more tickets ParkAtlanta writes the more it costs the city.

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